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Incorporated in 1929, THE KONCHERRY COIR FACTORIES have remarkably succeded in nurturing its country's own natural resources and rich heritage on one hand, while catering to a highly discerning, demanding clientele world over.

The Koncherry Coir Factories is located in nature endowed Kerala in South India. Since inception in 1929, we have relentlessly followed one goal: Attain new heights in eco-fiber products. This has made Koncherry the coveted destination for world-class eco-fiber as well as synthetic fibre products. We presently employ more than 23,000 personnel directly and indirectly. This has helped us in fulfilling the requirements of highly challenging and quality conscious international customers especially in USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and other parts of the world.

Our fully computerized in-house design studio manned by designers from India's premier institutes is equipped with latest design systems, digital cameras and all. The studio, in parallel interaction with our sampling department delivers to our customers unique fashions, designs and patterns.

The innovation brought about by the in-house R&D in producing new user friendly combinations of diffrent natural fibers, in new weaves, patterns, colours & designs, is efficiently coupled with vigorous, unstinted marketing efforts.

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    Nurturing its countries own natural resources !

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    National award for best export performance!

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    Award for best pollution control industries!

     best pollution control industries
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    Awards from prestigious clients outside india!

    Awards from prestigious clients


    Recognition from chamber of commerce!

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    Global developers among eco-fiber products!

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